Jarc: Now running Java 1.8

I like to learn new Java features before they are officially released, and that requires using unstable builds. The difficulty is to integrate the new compiler into a build – for the JDK 1.7 I released jarc as an experimental package, but that was not a very good solution.

Since version 0.2.26, jarc can use an experimental compiler, like the one supporting lambda. If you installed the new JDK at /home/petithug/jdk8, you will only need to add the following lines to the /etc/jarc.conf file to be able to build jar files that use closures:


Jarc always use by default the most recent compiler, but you can override this with the -Jjdk=7 or -Jjdk=6 option.

The new version of jarc also support passing parameters to the JVM – either at build time or at run time – by using the -J option.

Finally it is now possible to add an X-Jarc-Debug parameter at the manifest level. This option works just like the -g option in javac. I added this option to be able to build programs for aparapi – more about this in a future post.

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