What I did these last 4 months: Project Nephelion

Between the end of my employment at Jive Communications and the Christmas break I did a lot of research on an idea I got four years ago after an especially frustrating network protocol debugging session. I put some notes on my lab book, wrote some code, assigned a codename (Project Nephelion) and forgot about it until I had, at Jive, yet another frustrating debugging session – although for completely different reasons. So I started analyzing everything that make this kind of debugging difficult and, after talking with friends that are in the same line of work, I decided to spend few months looking for solutions to improve the situation and see if I can build a business around it.

During these 4 months I designed the architecture for a device and its associated software and, even if I was not able to get answers to all my questions, at the beginning of 2015 I decided to build a prototype of the device and work on a first version of the software. The goal is to bring the prototype with me to the IETF meeting in Dallas (March 22 – 27, 2015) to show it to fellow protocol designers and implementers to gather feedback.

There is still a lot to do before I can explain in details what this product will do (I still have to fill at least one more patent application) but I just posted a description of the problems that this product may (or may not) solve on the website of the project:

The art of debugging network protocol problems

Meanwhile, and as a teaser, here’s the list of books that I bought and read specifically for this project during the exploratory phase back in 2014: