Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

I bought this Bluetooth Stereo Headphones at Fry’s three weeks ago, and finally manage to have them working with my Treo 650. I use Pocket Tunes (which is now free with the Treo 680) to play music from my ogg-encoded collection (stored on SD cards), but the headphones cannot directly work because the Treo 650 does not support the Bluetooth profile for stereo. The customer support for Pocket Tunes directed me to Softick Audio Gateway, a software that can redirect the audio to the Bluetooth headphones.
The buttons on the headset can be used to pause, skip and change the volume without having to touch the Treo 650.
The headphones can also be used as a phone headset with the disconnectable microphone. My only complaints would be that a smaller, integrated, microphone would have been better, and could have been used to implement noise reduction.
The sound is good, the battery lasts for more than 6 hours and can be recharged on a USB port, which means one less charger to carry around. I like this headphones very much as I no longer need to use the Palm Stereo Headset, excepted on-board a plane where I believe it is still forbidden to use Bluetooth.

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